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We develop customized controllers

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SiRF Circuits.

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Your requirements
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  • 1. We accept detailed functionality documents. We can make required circuitry.
  • 2. If not available, give us hand-written requirements.
  • 3. If not sure, please contact us.
Circuit Design Analog/Digital Circuit Design
RF & MW Circuit Design
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  • 1. We offer circuit design services.
  • 2. We support you on below software tools.
  • -> Cadence OrCAD for Digital and Analog Simulations.
  • -> Agilent's ADS for RF and Microwave simulations.
  • -> Microwave office.
  • -> CST Studio Suite for 3D Electromagnetics.
Functional Verification Functional Verification
Static & RF
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  • 1. We offer design and verification services.
  • 2. Circuit is verified before PCB fabrication for any functional mal-function.
Components Selection Components Selection
Bill of Materials
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  • 1. We choose suitable IC/Components from different vendors.
  • 2. We create custom foot-prints if you need special packages.
  • 3. We provide bill of material of all components used in the design.
  • 4. We import IC/Components directly from vendors/suppliers.
PCB Design PCB Design & Fabrication Show more information
  • 1. We generate artwork/gerber-file for PCB fabrication.
  • 2. We use variety of laminates for PCB fabrication (i.e. FR4/ Duroid/ Arlon etc.) depending upon your requirements.
  • 3. We specially design PCBs for RF applications with imported low-loss laminates.
Electrical Testing PCB electrical testing Show more information
  • 1. We test all PCBs for electrical functionality.
  • 2. We accept limited orders for components placement for specially designed PCBs.
  • 3. We offer design debug services/ reverse-engineering for highly specialized PCBs.
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